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 Using art and science to help you
reach your desire in Life and Love

Andrea Atherton, MS, ATR, CAS, CYT

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Mindful Love Caoching

SoulFire Healing Arts

Finding TRUE LOVE seems like an IMPOSSIBLE TASK, especially today. Andrea can help you find the magic within yourself enabling you to either call in your ideal partner or rewrite your love story in your current relationship. THE TIME IS NOW to create that conscious relationship filled with connection, passion, and intimacy that you've always desired.

Book your free 30-minute Relationship Clarity Call with Andrea to discuss what type of relationship you'd like to magnetize and the #1 obstacle that keeps you from the love life that you most desire.

Andrea is interested in treating the whole person, weaving together mindfulness and art therapy. She has a strengths-based, holistic approach where she believes that each individual can find their own solutions with a partner to guide and provide direction. She is trained in art therapy, trauma-informed yoga therapy, mindfulness, and Reiki. She incorporates these experiential modalities to facilitate healing of mind, body, and spirit.


with Andrea Atherton

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