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Manifest Mindset, Photo by Darius Bashar
Manifest Mindset Package


Are you ready to harness the Law of Attraction? Manifest Mindset will teach you how to attract the things you desire most in life using the concept that positivity attracts positive outcomes. You will learn how to raise your energy and shift scarcity thinking that often creates the opposite of what you want to attract. See tangible results with insider secrets and individual coaching that enhance your ability to shift worry and lack thinking with ease.


Manifest Mindset Package  1 month: $700.00

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Mindful Healing Package
Mindful Healing Package

Mindful Healing is for those who are in a life transition and ready to move forward in your healing process. We all experience loss of relationships as it is often a part of life. Transform your fears of change and learn how to navigate through the grief process. Reclaim wholeness by healing outdated beliefs and fears that keep you stuck. Learn the power of forgiveness and begin your life without being enslaved by the past. As an empowered, single woman this investment will enable you to create a foundation for the next chapter of living. 


Mindful Healing Package  6 months: $4,750.


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Dream Life Package. Photo by Darius Bashar
Dream Life Package

Now you stand at the edge of your new chapter in your life but not sure where to start. Discover your dreams, wishes and wants after spending your life taking care of others. Learn the gift of self care and self love. Be supported in taking the steps to deeply know yourself and find the courage to embrace positive change. As you overcome outdated beliefs and limitations, your confidence will expand to take the needed steps to create a meaningful life. 


Dream Life Package   5 months:  $4,000.

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New Connetions Package
New Connections Package

Learn how to create the social and romantic connections that support your growth and vision of your new life. Feel confident and authentic in social situations and develop awareness and learn to avoid repeating mistakes of the past.Navigate the world of online dating with ease, be in the moment and enjoy meeting new people. Be armed with the knowledge and tools to feel confident to expand your social circle and find romance both online and in the real world.


New Connections Package  3 months  $2,450.00 

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